The Right College Lifestyle

After going into your junior or senior year of high school, you will most likely begin to search for the right college to attend. From your childhood, you were born into a school system with no choice unless you had to attend a private school, but that isn’t the point. The point is you basically had no choice and if you did there were only two/three small schools to pick from. With college, there are thousands and thousands of universities! Starting to search your junior year in high school is highly recommended because of the amount of work that goes into selecting. Once you have done your one or two whole years of research, you have hopefully found the university that is the right fit for you! Now when I was junior in high school, I wish I had more knowledge/insight of the college lifestyle. I even had two older sisters who finished or were currently attending college. There are many different lifestyles you can live while on campus, but it is critical to pick the right lifestyle to excel in school. One lifestyle is known as the “partier”. The partier is defined as the student partying way too much, ultimately not finishing school. They don’t show up to class and they try to turn their assignments in late. Another lifestyle is the “all around student”. The all around student has their typical meal plan, shows up to class, does their work, studies at the library, and has fun responsibly. As you can see, you want to be the all around student. There are many more lifestyles but these two are most commonly seen on campus. Once you get a habit of becoming the “all around student”, you will notice an increase in your life skills. Whether its time management, leadership, or group work, these skills will be developed further.

Tips in becoming the all around student:

-Schedule your meal times

-Show up to class early

-Turn your assignments in early

-Professors wont take late work! (Its not lenient like high school)

-Have specific time off

-Get most of your work done at the beginning of week!

-Join any extra college organization that interests you

-Build your resume starting freshman year

-Freshman year: list out potential internships, sophomore year: Just get in touch   with internships, junior year: You will get your internship!

-Make connections (professors, students, university visitors)


-Meet with your advisor each semester (make sure you are fulfilling the right credits)


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