Once entering my freshman year I declared my major as “general business”. With a general business degree you have the ability to receive a taste of everything. Some simple examples include marketing, management, accounting, or even entrepreneurship. The downside was not being able specialized in one single aspect. But within this major I found my true self. I found entrepreneurship. This aspect fit my lifestyle, ideas, and hopefully future! Ever since I was younger I always wanted to part take in having my own business, but my family wasn’t about the entrepreneur life. My family always took a more conservative route or the plan route. This route was declaring a major, going four years, and getting a job. I was the youngest of my family and both my sisters did “the plan”. Over the past years I had a list of ideas that were possible entrepreneur quality but with school and athletics I was too busy. My final year in school I finally took a step forward with just one of my ideas. This idea is called AdFinder. AdFinder is all about connecting advertising sellers and advertising buyers. How cool would it be to know the availability or price of advertising space at the cinema down the street? There is currently no marketplace in the US for companies to find ad space. Many businesses don’t even know how to advertise other than using Facebook or junk emails. These days you are able to buy anything on a marketplace, whether its plane tickets, cars, or shoes. Finding Advertising space is done by calling, research, sales reps, more calling, and even more research, So what does AdFinder bring? AdFinder will bring every advertising opportunity available near you. With our searchability and filters it allows you to find the perfect ad space. Filter by location, price, target market, statistics, or more. Our company is set to save time for advertising sellers yet increase the chances of their ad space being filled, ultimately generating them revenue. We also save time for the buyer with an easy to use interface, all the research, and a possible online connection to promote their company. There are many more features to cover but this is just the gist of AdFinder. We are already in contact with advertising companies! Luckily I’m fortunate enough to have my roommate major in computer science. He loved the idea so much he wanted to join. We are planning to have the website launched within months! If you own a business, work at an ad agency, or if you’re marketer then AdFinder will be very beneficial to you.


College Must Haves

When coming into college there are hundreds of concerning questions on what to bring, what to buy, and what to have. This post will cover everything and anything you need as a new incoming college student. These are many questions high school students often wonder or even parents! So we will start off by what are the essentials you MUST bring! As easy as this question may seem hearing it from a 3.5 year experienced college student may surprise you. There are five core essentials that you will need. The first essential is clothes of course. This may seem obvious but you will need every single one of your shirts, shorts, pants, socks, shoes, sweatshirt, WINTERCOAT, boots, gloves, belts, hats, and most importantly dress clothes. I believe the number one forgotten item here is the dress clothes. There are too many students missing opportunities on campus because they don’t have the correct apparel to attend! Do not miss these opportunities! The second essential is money. You must always have a credit card, cash, or debit card to pay for many surprising things. These “surprising things” are snacks, meals, fees, school events, rent, house maintenance, laundry, books, notes, parking, transportation, car maintenance, printing etc. This list can go on forever but the main focus is that you must have some sort of revenue stream. Some people are lucky to have already built up savings and many students work on campus to receive that stream. The third essential is having the correct materials. So what are the “correct” materials? These materials are strictly pencils, pens, calculators, notebook, class book, and laptop. I’m telling you this is all you need! It isn’t like high school where you need the ruler, protractor, markers, coloring pencils, etc. out of my 3.5 years here I have only used these six materials. Now your class may be unique and may require you to get something else but that’s when we go back to the #2 essential (always having money for the surprise things). The fourth essential is free and up to you. It is trying your hardest to have the right state of mind. This statement will result in having your college experience fun, exciting, and comfortable. You will gain more friends, go out at times, and have a great place to crash. The last essential is cleaning! This contains, showering, brushing teeth, home cleaning, and washing your clothes! If you follow these 5 must haves then college will go by quickly and effectively.

5 Core Essentials List

  1. Clothes
  2. Cash Money
  3. Class Materials
  4. Right State of Mind
  5. Cleaning

What Is Your Major?

Once you begin your junior year of high school most begin to think about college. Although picking your college is difficult (blog post 1) picking what your major is even more problematic. Why? Because picking your major is ultimately indicating what you are doing for your life! It is unbelievable to think that many people in college choose their major as juniors or seniors in high school. At that young age you are selecting what you want to do in life?! Yes, many people change their major during college, which is a hassle, but it is a vital part of your life! With hundreds of majors out there how do you know which one is for you? You must ask yourself what do you enjoy in life the most? Is it helping people? Is it cars? Is it video games? Science? Or is it inventing something? Throughout high school I was always into cars and business. So my dream was to own my own exotic car dealership. I ended up majoring in general business because I enjoyed all areas of business. With this major I can ultimately own my car dealership if wanted to. Now that I am a senior in college do I still want that exotic car dealership? No, but I wouldn’t mind owning one! The point I am bringing across is that choosing a major is a very important detail in your life. It takes years to discover what you truly want to do and it takes college time to understand who you are. Many students just pick a major to pick and get it over with. Take time because that major that you “just picked” costs around or more than $100,000. The best way to determine your major is by first picking your likes and dislikes. (Those likes that will change over the year can be dismissed!) Next you will want to picture who you are in the future and what you want! These are some great points I wish I had focused on when I was younger.