College and Online Courses

Once entering college you have a whole abundant of choices. Some choices include: morning classes, afternoon classes, night classes, gen eds, core classes, etc. There are so many options, which result in overwhelming. Yes, it is even overwhelming even after being at the school for three years and picking classes every single semester! With all the choices available one option remains almost hidden. This hidden choice is known as online classes. I remember the first time signing up for an online course. After placing it in the “cart” on my way to my last advisor meeting I was a little hesitant. My advisor immediately brought it up. “You do know this is an online class”, “So why the online class”, “I have noticed a trend of issues with online classes”. Now I was even more hesitant about the class. Once the enrollment date came to an end I ended up sticking with the class. After reading up on the syllabus the class seemed to be overwhelming. Staying with the class was one of the best decisions I could of done. Not only was the class well organized but it was just as interactive as an in class course. Once the course ended I had always signed up for more online courses. Whether it was management, entrepreneurship, or marketing I took it online. The best part was that I took the courses on my own time, which resulted in one of my best skills: time management. Not only was I learning about the course itself but I was also learning how to manage my time. Do not be afraid to be different and take online courses. Once you get a hang of things you wont just learn skills in the course but you will learn skills in real life situations.